Which stream to choose after 10th class?

Which stream to choose after 10th class?

Normally students are pursuing the 10th class, and preparing for their exams as hard as they can. Which is good for them, and of course this is the class in which students get too much burden over itself.

Although these are the board’s exams.there are the keys related to our future.we have to score well this class. one more question that comes in the student’s mind is “what to choose after 10th”.that is the most difficult question for the student.

Therefore it is important to have clear planning in your school life to achieve a professional life.you should decide it keep in mind your own ability. you should choose what is good for you.

Most important don’t be a part of horse racing, means don’t look your friend what is he/she choosing. Take your own decision. These things make you stand on your own feet. It doesn’t matter which job you do you will stand there only upon your own bases.

This is the situation where you will see many doors leading to different directions. you have to choose only the way that on which you can move on easily.

Different doors mainly be like the three streams after 10th.after which new phase of your life comes.the three streams are science, commerce and arts.you should look into yourself and look about your interests according to your streams.

I explain a bit all three streams before, any streams you should know about all three streams. then you have to choose one among the three. All three are different careers and fields. they lead you to move in different ways the three streams are:


This is the most chosen field by the students.in this stream, you will learn physics, chemistry, maths, biology and language.students get choices between biology and mathematics.

butcan take both as well. choose the science stream is easy but it needs more and harder work in the 11th and 12th class to attain good marks.

If we talk about profession then you can be an engineer, a doctor, a lecturer more probably girls choose it to be a nurse, head nurse etc.

you can do any professional IT courses as well. This field is vast and you can prefer any occupation according to your interest.you need to achieve 90 or more than 90% to take science streams in leading schools.


 This is the field of mathematician.means for this stream your maths must be fab.this stream contains subjects like accounts, economics, business studies, and languages as well. This field has the most respective jobs in the market.

Mainly like charted accountant(c.a),accountant,you can easily get banks jobs,auditing jobs,etc.students need to achieve normally 80-90% to take this stream.


This is the less chosen field by the students. students need more than 60% to take this stream.this also contain many profession namely journalism, teacher, social workers etc.students learn subjects like Sociology, History, Political science, literature, philosophy, psychology economics, and one language.

in all streams, there will be one language as a compulsory subject.


Therefore, we conclude that there are three types of streams mainly. that you can go through after the 10th class. Besides that, we can go through any professional course after 10th as well.


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