Career Options For Commerce Students After Graduation

Career Options For Commerce Students After Graduation

Out of common understanding, it is generally believed that only science based students have this wide spectrum of career choices to choose from. Career options for commerce and art students have always been wrongly observed to be few.

But contrary to the belief, there are many career options for commerce students looking for jobs after graduation. While higher studies definitely improve the credibility of a student as a job candidate, there is no dearth of jobs after graduation as well.

So, let’s look at both the situations and jot down the possible career options for commerce students after graduation.


Students studying commerce have ample opportunities for jobs after graduation in the banking sector. While some of the private banks participate in campus recruitment, you have to fill up applications and sit for a competitive exam for most others including government banks.

In the banking sector, entry level jobs after graduation include (but not limited to)

– clerk,

– probationary officer,

– specialist officer,

– customer relationships officer,

and other similar posts. And if you are entering through bank exams, there are great chances of eventual promotions to higher posts if your performance is worth it.

Business Analyst

A business analyst analyzes a business or organization’s model of working and its connection to technology based solutions. Other than having a degree in commerce, one needs to have good communication, presentation, and management skills to make a career as a business analyst.

You can look for AMCAT jobs after graduation or can get an MBA to start off as a business analyst in a better organization with a senior post and better salary.

Government Jobs

The entry to government jobs after graduation is through competitive exams conducted by the government bodies of different states and the centre. Career options for commerce students in the government sector are pretty vast.

You can apply for the post of an accountant, project officer, BPO/KPO, account assistant, and various other banking and managerial jobs. The selection is through common competitive exams for graduates and job interviews for the final appointment.

While the above mentioned posts are core to commerce students, you can also apply for all posts that ask for an eligibility of a graduate irrespective of the stream and department in which the job opening exists. It includes postal jobs, railway jobs, airway jobs, etc.

Marketing & Sales

The entry level marketing & sales jobs are offered to commerce or business graduates. As most of the good jobs have an eligibility of post graduate degrees, career options for commerce graduates are pretty low here. But if you are willing to work your way through the process of gaining experience and getting better jobs, you can get into it.

To increase your chances of getting better jobs, apply for the AMCAT exam and get access to not only hundreds of AMCAT jobs but also get direct interview calls from reputed organizations in the industry.

Finance related jobs

Accounting jobs at financial firms is also one of the most preferred career options for commerce graduates. Other than that, you can also apply for other finance related jobs after graduation which includes jobs as tax consultants, stock broker, investment analyst, auditor, etc.


Similar to banking jobs, but the stream is different in many ways and there are ample jobs after graduation. You can become an insurance agent and make your way to senior positions through excellence in performance. Insurance jobs are available both in the government and private sector.


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